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The Marvin Fund and Resources to Help Pet Owners

The Marvin Fund has helped defray medical costs for sick and injured animals whose elderly and disabled owners could not afford them. The fund has helped countless numbers of injured animals found on the road, abandoned in dumpsters or left at our door get a second chance. Because funds are limited, however, there are rigorous criteria for eligibility, and you must speak directly with Dr. E.J. Finocchio, the Director of the RISPCA, at (401) 438-8150 x.1. If you are not eligible (elderly, disabled and receiving state aid), you may be able to get veterinary help for your pet through the Rhode Island Veterinary Medical Association’s Companion Animal Fund.

To date, the Marvin Fund has helped over 3,000 animals and people get a second chance. This is in honor of Marvin, a beautiful black lab who served as the RISPCA Mascot for 10 years. Marvin was relinquished to the shelter twice in his life and knew what it was like to live on the other side of the tracks. He also knew the feeling of loneliness, having lived in a cement cage with little human or animal interaction. For Marvin, his second chance came on November 1, 2002 when he was adopted by Dr. E.J. Finocchio. The “Marvin Fund” was established in hopes of giving others in need of food, shelter or medical attention a second chance too.

Because the RISPCA never turns away any animal in need, we often find sick and injured pets left at our shelter.

If you would like to help us defray the costs of medical care by sponsoring an animal in need, please mail donations to:
The Marvin Fund
186 Amaral Street
Riverside, RI 02915

To learn more about The Marvin Fund and the down on his luck Labrador who overcame loneliness, homelessness and living with a disability to become an inspiration to animals and humans alike, please visit: www.marvinfund.org

And visit the Marvin Memories page on our website for lots of pictures in tribute to this wonderful dog.

Additional resources in Rhode Island that may be able to help you with funding the veterinary care of a companion animal include the RIVMA Companion Animal Foundation and Hands that Heal RI.

2009 winter

In Memory of Marvin July 4, 1999 – January 15, 2010