Wish list Items of the Month!

Here’s our Top 5 Wish List items that we could really use to help care for our foster care animals!

  1. Snuggle Safe Heating Disks ~ New born kittens need to be kept warm with heating pads. These pads fit nicely in the carriers under their blankets.
  2. Miracle Nipples & Syringes ~ Often times we end up with kittens that are separated from their moms and need to be bottle fed. These are easier and much more comfortable for our babies.
  3. Friskies Wet Cat Food ~ A little bit of wet food always does the trick to keep our foster cats and kittens eating and thriving.
  4. ~ Non-clumping Cat Litter ~ This type of litter works best for our foster care cats and kittens.
  5. Feliway plugins ~ We use these in our cat rooms and really help to reduce stress and make cats comfortable while awaiting adoption.

Our shelter is temporarily closed to visitors but you are welcome to order online through our Amazon Wish List and have them sent directly to the shelter!. Our staff, volunteers and animals thank you! 

If you’d like to help make their day, please visit our Amazon Wish List at https://a.co/1E04EFK! If you have any questions or would like info on our Foster Care program, contact Destiny, our Volunteer & Foster Care Coordinator at dcordeiro@rispca.com!

Look at our Amazon Wish List Here!

THANK YOU to everyone who have donated so many toys and treats for our animals! We’re so grateful for the incredible amount of support we have from our community!