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We have so many great young people in our community who ask: “How can I get involved in helping animals?”

We hear you loud and clear and think it’s so vital to the future of animals that we have people like you!

That’s why we created the “RISPCA Caring Kids Program”. This program is designed for people under 18 to find ways to help our furry friends!

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Food donations, big and small, help us feed the animals at the RISPCA. We distribute food to pet owners in need. Those that are elderly, homeless, disabled, veterans and other needy pet owners through the RISPCA Food Bank.

We can help you organize a food drive with your school, church group, scout group, or really any team of like-minded young people.


You can CHANGE the lives of animals with spare CHANGE! You can ask your parents and friends for their spare CHANGE! Even challenge your classmates, other grades, or other schools! You’d be amazed how much it can add up!


Who doesn’t love a cold glass of lemonade on a hot summer day?

You can have your own lemonade stand to raise money for the RISPCA!


Like to bake? Sell cookies or other treats to help to animals at the RISPCA.


Get together with your friends and neighbors and have a yard sale (or even have one yourself) to help the RISPCA!


Maybe you could start your own business helping animals!

  • Mow lawns in the neighborhood
  • Yard clean up in the springtime
  • Shoveling snow in the winter
  • Wash cars
  • Babysitting
  • Pet sitting

We know lots of people would love to hire you, especially if they know you are doing it for the RISPCA!


What are your ideas?:

The point is, younger people can make a world of difference in the lives of animals. If none of these things sound like the thing for you, we can help.

If interested in applying for one of these volunteer opportunities please fill out and return a volunteer application. For more information, contact Sam Nieva at snieva@rispca.com or (401) 438-8150, x3.