The Rhode Island SPCA’s Large Animal Assistance Program (LAAP) is here to help. It offers owners of farm animals and equines temporary, emergency assistance during difficult times such as an unexpected health issue, financial difficulty or job loss.

Here at the Rhode Island SPCA, we offer safety-net programs such as these because we understand that life may sometimes takes a difficult turn and the last thing that we want to see happen is for owners to feel forced to surrender their animals because of the need for food or medical care. We are here to offer compassionate solutions in times of need.

“ The history of the Rhode Island SPCA is deeply rooted in the fight against animal cruelty, and our mission began in 1870 when a small group of people came together to specifically address the cruel treatment of cart horses. We are proud to say that 150 years later, we are still advocating for and protecting animals of all species. We are fortunate to have resources, in the form of food and veterinary care, solely dedicated to providing assistance to equines and other species of livestock. Just like the variety of other programs and services we offer, we need your support to keep them running.”

If you are in need of help, please reach out. For more information on this program, contact Julie Nadro, (401) 438-8150, x5. Please include a brief message about yourself, your animals and your current situation and we will do our best to assist you and offer you care and support.  

If you would like to donate to help support our efforts in caring for animals in need, please contact Kristina McKenzie, Marketing Director at (401) 438-8150.

Announcing the “New England Equine Relief Network”

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic can have a tremendous financial impact on horses and farm animals, which are often the first species to suffer during times of economic crisis due to their size and cost of care.

To proactively respond to the crisis, we are excited to partner with our friends at the New Hampshire SPCAMSPCA Nevin’s Farm and the Maine State Society for the Protection of Animals in forming the New England Equine Relief Network. Together, we hope to keep horse and farm animals with their people, who may be experiencing a temporary period of financial insecurity or family crisis. 

If you or someone you know needs help, please reach out.  Qualifying owners may request assistance with short term support for feed, hay, veterinary and farrier care. 

By sharing resources, looking out for our neighbors and creatively supporting our communities along the way, we can lessen the impact of these challenging times on animals of all species.