Sadly, we all know that there are animals out there that suffer and need a human hand to ease their pain. Some of these animals in need have been victim to abuse, neglect, or are just born with a disability and need special care.

That’s where you come in…

RISPCA Special Needs Foster Care is a breed-specific program for specific types of dogs with specific hardship.

Breed examples include Pit bulls, Huskies, Shepherds, Rottweilers, Labs, Akita, and Chow Chow.

Cruelty Cases could be up to 8 months of foster care, and conditions might include heart murmur, skin conditions needing daily medicated baths, aftercare for leg amputation, broken bones, taking foster dog to physical therapy, weight management. daily medications.

This is NOT easy and it takes a very special person to be able to help the most in need of our very special visitors… but believe us when we tell you, it will be the most rewarding thing you can do to help animals in need.

PLEASE FILL OUT A FOSTER CARE APPLICATION HERE or for more information contact Lisa Lavasseur at or 401-438-8150 ext 4