Fostering is a wonderful gift for a rescued or sheltered dog.

We at the RISPCA believe that the breed grouping known as “Pitbulls” have been gravely misunderstood overall. At the same time, we know there are people out there who (like us) LOVE them, and for good reason!

Bryson     (Bryson, a one year old alumni of the RISPCA)

Fostering provides a dog with valuable in-home experiences which can help find and keep a forever home from house breaking to basic commands.  You also have an opportunity to really get to know a dog well which can in turn help make a good match with a forever home.

The qualifications are no different than our other fantastic foster families at the RISPCA, this is just a specific program for a type of dog that has a harder time getting adopted because of stereotypes that often, are not true. We don’t want our dogs to be at the RISPCA for a long time (some pitbull type dogs can be in shelters for months) and would much rather see them in a home environment while we work to find them their forever home.

Our general foster program guidelines and FAQ’s can be found here.

Please consider fostering on of these beautiful, loyal, sweet dogs by filling out an application here and checking that you’d like become part of our Pitbull foster program.

If you are considering getting involved but are “on the fence” please check out some of the articles below.

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For questions for more information please contact:

Foster Care Coordinator Lisa Levasseur, (401) 438-8150, x4