Joe Warzycha is one of the RISPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Officers. Joe graduated from Northeastern University in 1997 with a degree in Criminal Justice. He then attended the Rhode Island Municipal Police Academy and served as police officer in the City of East Providence. Joe’s certifications include:

  • National Animal Cruelty and Humane Officer Certification
  • Certified Equine Cruelty Investigator
  • Animal Search and Rescue Swiftwater Responder
  • Animal Search and Rescue Rope Rescue Technician
  • Animal Crime Scene Processing Certification
  • Technical Large Animal Rescue Awareness
  • Infrared Thermometry Certification

Joe is a member of the Rhode Island Livestock Care and Welfare Standards Council; Board of Directors for the Pets in Need Veterinary Clinic and an advisor for the New England Federation of Humane Societies. Joe served six years in the United States Marine Corps Reserve.



Earl Newman is one of the RISPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement Officers.  Earl attended the federal law enforcement training program in 2000 and worked as a Refuge Law Enforcement Officer for the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.  Earl’s certifications include:

  • SABRE chemical defensive spray instructor
  • Animal Crime Scene and Evidence Collection
  • Emergency Shelter Medicine
  • Rescuing Animals for Cruelty and Disaster
  • Investigating and Prosecuting Bloodsports
  • Investigating Animal Abuse for Law Enforcement

Earl retired from the Rhode Island Army National Guard in 2016 after 23 years of service.  He participated in deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contact Joe and Earl at or (401) 438-8150, x6