“Almost Free” Rabies Clinic
Date to be Announced!
Every autumn, the RISPCA hosts an Almost-Free Rabies Clinic, which is a great opportunity for you to get your pets vaccinated against this fatal disease. Rhode Island Law requires all dogs, cats, and ferrets to be vaccinated against rabies.
The “cost” of each vaccine is 5 cans or boxes of unexpired non-perishable HUMAN food, which we will collect and donate to a local food bank. Over the 16 years that the RISPCA has been doing this, we have collected approximately 4,000 pounds of food for the community!
We will issue you a rabies vaccination certificate for each pet. If your pet has not been vaccinated within the past three years, we can issue a certificate good for one year. If you have proof of a previous, unexpired rabies vaccination, we can issue a certificate good for three years. Please note that if a one-year rabies vaccine is expired by even one day, we cannot legally issue a certificate good for more than one year. However, if the previous vaccination was for 3 years, then you have a six month grace period in which to get another 3-year vaccination.
Please bring previous rabies vaccination certificates, as well as your license or state ID.
3-year USDA licensed vaccines are administered, however not all vaccinations can be certified for 3 years. Proof of prior vaccination is a vaccination certificate, not a rabies tag. Pets with a history of vaccine reactions (which are rare) should be vaccinated at a regular animal hospital.
RI residents: pets with proof of a prior rabies vaccination, certified for 1 year, given after 10/20/2018, or proof of a prior rabies vaccination, certified for 3 years, given after 4/20/2016, the vaccination will be certified for 3 years.
RI pets whose previous rabies was only certified for one year, and are even 1 day overdue, or those whose vaccine was certified for 3 years but are more than 6 months, overdue and those with no proof of a prior rabies vaccination can only be certified for one year.
Massachusetts (or other state’s) residents only need proof of a prior, rabies vaccination in a pet over 1 year of age, for it to be certified for 3 years.
Rabies vaccination any dog or cat under 1 year of age are only certified for one year.
Dogs should be leashed at all times. NOTE: No flexible/retractable leashes are allowed! Cats need to be in a secured carrier. People gather at the entrance to the shelter and we issue numbers. We will then call out batches of numbers. For example, “1 through 20 can come in.” and fill out the paperwork with you. A volunteer will check your food, another will take your pet’s information and your contact information. Even though we have hundreds of people attend each year, the line moves quickly!
Rhode Island state law requires that all dogs and cats over the age of four months be vaccinated against rabies, and be licensed through the local city and town. Licensing requires proof of current rabies vaccination, which is the paper that we will give you. The tag should go on your pet’s collar. When you get your pet’s license, the town will issue you another tag that should also go on your pet’s collar.