Many times, when people call the RISPCA because they are unable to keep their cat, it is not just one cat.  There are several people that need to bring in two, three, four or even more cats.  Some of those cats have already been together for years, and it is already hard enough that they are being brought to a shelter, but to have to be separated from the bond mate is even more devastating.

Since we had the portals installed in our cages in February…which doubles the cage size…we have been able to keep many bonded pairs together in the same cage.  The cats are much less stressed if they can stay together in the shelter.

Five reasons to adopt a bonded pair of cats:

Wally and Bandit

  1. Less work!! It is not double the work when caring for two cats.  They are already on the same feeding schedule, and you already have to scoop the litter box daily.  You will get double the love for the same amount of work.


  1. Twice the rescue!! Adopting means you are saving a life.  Adopting a bonded pair means you are saving “Best Buddies.”  It also means you just opened up space for 2 more cats that need our help.

Hambone and Cheese

  1. Easier adjustment to your home!! If you ever think there is a chance you may want to adopt 2 cats someday, it is much easier to adopt 2 cats that are already bonded.  Introducing a new cat to a resident can be tricky.

Bernie and Phyl

  1. Happy Humans!! Cats that play together while their humans are at work are less likely to display undesirable behavior.  Bonded kittens teach each about play and keep each other company.  It’s a good idea to kitten-proof your home.  Bonded cats are not as mischievous as kittens, and will probably lounge around all day.

Sheamus and Hurley.JPG

  1. Happy Cats!! Bonded cats give each other comfort and a playmate, and you don’t need to feel bad if you have to go to work all day.  Being adopted into a new home can be a scary situation for some cats.   Having their “Best Buddy” with them can help during the transition period.


The RISPCA has the “Best Buddy Program” in place to help keep bonded cats together.  We offer a 2 for 1 adoption fee for cats adopted from the “Best Buddy Program.”  Please check our website to see if any bonded pairs are available, or email if you would like to be notified about any of our bonded cats.