On September 14th, 2009 three state workers discovered a tiny dog along the railroad tracks in Providence. He appeared to be a little hobo desperately looking for a safe haven. His frail body was barely capable of keeping him upright as he walked along the tracks. With his tail tucked between his hind legs, he cowered as the three approached him. Frightened, abandoned and hungry he had no choice but to befriend the three strangers. His tiny body was lifted from the tracks, brought to a truck and wrapped in a towel. He was transported to the RISPCA by the state workers who are to be commended for their act of compassion.

The first thing we did at the shelter was to offer him a teaspoon of food and a cup of water, which he accepted. He was literally a walking skeleton and weighed in at 2lbs 3oz. After a general examination it was decided to take him to a veterinary hospital due to his appalling condition for further care and treatment. The veterinarian reported back to us that he is severely emaciated, extremely dehydrated and very anemic no to mention the fleas that had to be desperate to pick him as a host. His fecal material was tarry black in consistence which is often times indicative of ulcers or the ingestion of sand and foreign objects which dogs will eat when starving according to the veterinarian.


His chances of survival are questionable at this time but when last we heard Willie is doing very well and is certainly one of Marvin’s Miracles.

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