Thor is a great example of Marvin’s Miracles being able to keep the human and animal bond together when it otherwise might not be able to. Thor is the best friend of a good friend of ours named Kevin. Kevin was a victim of the Station nightclub fire.

Kevin adopted Thor when Thor was 3 years old and writes “I suffer from night terrors having PTSD from the fire. When he was sprier, he would actually tap me with his paw when he knew I was in distress to wake me! I can’t count how many times he saved me from a night terror. Now, he is older…he will be 13 the first week of October and has slowed with age but has every bit of passion and spunk he had at 2 years old! When I learned that what I thought was a tooth abscess was actually a tumor, I lost it at the vet’s office. I never expected to hear that and the possibility of losing him was unthinkable.” Kevin continued “I would give years of my life to keep him with me! He is FAR MORE than a pet dog! He is my companion.”


Thanks to Marvin’s Miracles Kevin won’t need to. Thor will get what he needs because of the Marvin’s Miracles Fund.  This is just another story that shows the kind of thing your donation can do.

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