I am sad to say that Ruggles passed away today.  I am attaching the article from “Happy Tails to U”, Issue 9 — Spring 2006.


Thanks to you and the Marvin program, I was able to adopt Ruggles.  I often tell the story about how I called the RISPCA and told the person who answered the phone that I wanted to adopt a cat to help me study for the bar exam.  Her immediate response was, “Ruggles.”  She was right.  I fell in love with him as soon as I met him.  The shelter loved him too.  They would often open his cage in the morning and he would hang out with the staff and with his friend, a black lab.  I think the lab’s name was Marvin.

Ruggles did help me study for the bar exam.  He was also by my side every day since I adopted him in 2006.  He would follow me through my morning routine.  He insisted on sitting in the tub while a took a shower and would sit on the side of the sink until I brushed my teeth.  He’d wait for me to slick back his hair with water before jumping down.  He was a true friend and will be missed so much.

Maybe some of your staff remember him.  Thanks again for the Marvin program and helping me find the perfect companion.

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