Bolandz Family


Rowdy may have been in the twilight of his years but he was the star of the Bolandz family. Misfortune had plagued the family over the years. Mrs. B has been in a wheelchair for over a decade as a result of a serious automobile accident. Mr. B has a serious neurological disease and their son suffered a traumatic brain injury.

Rowdy is a ten-year-old Rottie and the family pet. He sustained an eye injury that was not repairable and it was recommended that the eye is removed. The only problem was the cost – $1500.00. They were told that their only choice was to put their beloved pet Rowdy to rest so he would no longer suffer. Easy to say but difficult to do. After all, Rowdy was always there for his family, now it was time for them to there for him.

Mrs. B heard about the Marvin Fund and after telling her story of adversity and misfortune, Marvin decided to help Rowdy and pay for the operation. Rowdy was born around Christmas so it was special that he got his wish on Dec 7, 2007.

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