Mario (pictured with Adrian) is 54 years old and suffers from double kidney failure as a result of cancer. He spends five hours, three days a week at a dialysis center so that he can live. Mario lives with his cats; Adrian and Rocky.

On September 29th, 2016 while playing with Rocky, Adrian fell from a table and injured her right hind leg. Mario knew something was wrong and needed to have Adrian examined by a veterinarian. He was close to exhausting his monthly check and was informed by the veterinary office that he needed cash up front to have Adrian treated.

Due to Mario’s personal and financial situation we offered to help. We made a phone call to a local veterinarian who has helped the RISPCA with hundreds of similar cases and he once again agreed to help. A RISPCA staff member transported Adrian to the hospital where x-rays were taken that confirmed the initial diagnosis of a fractured femur.

We were given two choices, amputate the leg or stabilize the fracture, which we chose, by inserting a pin to align the fractured pieces. Mario became very distraught at the news and broke down in tears. He feared the worst and stated that Adrian meant the world to him. Fortunately for Mario and Adrian, the veterinarian, who wishes to remain anonymous, and the Marvin’s Miracles Fund at the RISPCA came to the rescue. This special fund at the RISPCA helps these pets remain with their owners, allowing the animal/human bond to remain intact.

People like Mario and pets like Adrian are able to get back up from being knocked down because your continued support to the RISPCA is the bell that saved them from being knocked out. The RISPCA is proud and thankful to have you in our corner as we  continue to fight for those who cannot help or speak for themselves.

If you’d like to donate to Marvin’s Miracles you can do so HERE.