Tom and Judy rescued two dwarf horses, Pokey and Angel, who suffer from musculo – skeletal deformities. At first glance, they may be mistaken for mini horses, which are quite valuable. And the smaller they are, the more they increase in value. Some unscrupulous breeders try to achieve a smaller size by breeding a dwarf to a normal mini horse. But they run the chance of producing another dwarf.

Pokey and Angel have severe musculo – skeletal limb deformities which make it somewhat difficult to get around. In addition, they both have facial deformities.


Tom is a Vietnam Veteran and recipient of the Purple Heart who enjoys great pleasure from the little horses. They visit nursing homes where Judy is a nurse. Due to the expenses involved in seeking treatment for Pokey and Angel, they were unable to afford the medical treatment and the Marvin Fund solved their problem.

Their story first appeared on Channel 10, and due to the generous donations from several people to the Marvin Fund, Pokey and Angel are receiving the treatment they so desperately need in hopes of making them more mobile and comfortable.

On August 13, 2008, corrective trimming was performed by farrier Courtney Caron and his assistant Jay Cote, under the supervision of Dr. E.J. Finocchio.

This is the first phase in helping to correct the musculoskeletal problems. Future treatment may involve orthopedic splinting and possible surgery.

Pokey and Angel walked away from the RISPCA much more comfortable and wish to thank Marvin and everyone involved.

If you’d like to donate to Marvin’s Miracles you can do so HERE.