Marvin’s Miracles is a fund set up by the Rhode Island SPCA specifically for the care of neglected, abused, and mistreated dogs, cats, and small animals throughout Rhode Island.

The RISPCA investigates nearly 175 animal cruelty cases a year. Some of which result in the rescue of severely mistreated animals. Many of the animals are treated at our partner, The Pets in Need Affordable Care Clinic.

Throughout the years we’ve told the stories of many animals saved from a bad situation, then had their lives saved through the kindness of not only the individuals at the RISPCA and Pets in Need Affordable Care Clinic but through the generosity of those everyday people who choose to donate.

In the name of our good friend Marvin, who left us in 2010, we started “Marvin’s Fund” and now “Marvin’s Miracles”. Donations made to Marvin’s Miracles will go primarily to our partner the Pets in Need Affordable Care Clinic for the treatment of pets surrendered to the RISPCA or seized by the RISPCA through our animal cruelty investigations.

In some cases, funds may be directed to other veterinary care organizations to ensure the best possible treatment timeline for animals. Marvin’s Miracles also helps defray medical costs for sick and injured animals whose elderly and disabled owners cannot afford them, allowing the human/animal bond to remain intact. In some cases, this is the only thing that is left for these deserving veterans, members of the aging population, and those going through tough times in their life.



As a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that receives no local, state or federal funding, and is not affiliated with the ASPCA or its donations, both the RISPCA and Pets in Need Clinic rely solely on community support from friends and businesses.