Pee Wee was purchased on Craig’s List 4 years ago as a kitten. On June 28, 2018, his owner contacted the East Providence Animal Control Officer. She claimed that she could no longer care for Pee Wee who was badly matted and that in her attempt to shave him she accidentally cut him and pleaded for help. The animal control officer visited her home and found no indication of animal cruelty. He noticed that Pee Wee was in dire need of a grooming. He told the owner to contact the RISPCA in the hope we would help. The owner contacted us and stated due to personal problems and the inability to properly care for Pee Wee she wanted to relinquish him. We were startled the first glance. Pee Wee weighted in at the 29 pounds and was matted with a small scissor cut that needed to be sutured. He officially became the heaviest cat to be relinquished to the RISPCA. Other than the small cut he seemed fine visually other than his obesity.

Obesity in animals is the most unreported cruelty and we are as much to blame as others for not pursuing it as a cruelty matter. Similar to malnutrition which is frequently reported, obesity is not and is equally detrimental to the overall health of the animal and may contribute to medical and mobility concerns. It is an issue of NEGLECT. In our society 55% of cats are obese which can lead to:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Diabetes
  3. Arthritis
  4. Kidney Disease
  5. Respiratory Disease
  6. Liver Disease
  7. High Blood Pressure
  8. Asthma
  9. Certain Cancers
  10. Poor life quality (decrease lifespan)

Pee Wee will be medically checked out for any of these problems and put on a weight loss diet. We hope he becomes a “Cool Cat” rather than a “Fat Cat”.

EjFinocchio, D.V.M.