A little bit about our new friend named Cap:)

Cap, a chunky adorable 5 month old bulldog mix, was relinquished to the Rhode Island SPCA after his owner learned that he would not be able to afford the orthopedic surgery required to mend his broken elbow. When it was discovered that Cap was limping, he was taken to an emergency facility where x-rays showed a broken elbow. The options presented were orthopedic surgery (ranging from $4000-$5000), amputation, or euthanasia. None of these options seemed viable for the owner which led him to calling us. After sharing the details of his situation, he decided that it was in the pup’s best interest to be relinquished so we could take care of Cap’s extensive medical needs and then find a new home for him.

We are committed to provide the necessary medical care that Cap needs to lead a full life. He is scheduled to have surgery at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. Post surgery, he will need intensive around the clock care to help him recover. Once he is stable, we plan to transfer him to a RISPCA foster care family to continue his recovery until he is ready to go up for adoption.

Friends, we need your help.

We believe this chunk of a pup deserves a fighting chance for a full happy life. Will you help us help him? Please consider making a lifesaving donation to the RISPCA through the donate button below.

We will continue to share updates on Cap’s progress with you along with lots of pics of that happy mug of his. Follow us on Facebook   or join our mailing list for the most up-to-date information.

Meet Cap!

Cap Update #1 ~ 5/28/21

After some lovin’ from Rianna, our Dog Program Manager, #HappyCappy was off to meet our friends at Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. After a thorough examination, it was found that his surgery estimate is a bit higher than anticipated and may be closer to $6K. Cap is scheduled for surgery later today or possibly tomorrow morning…that is, if they can keep this wiggly meatball still! He is ear-to-ear smiles and a super snuggler! 

Cap Update #2 ~ 5/29/21

Friends, we’re happy to share that this little meatball had his elbow surgery today and he made it through GREAT! We’ll be sharing more details soon!

Cap Update #3 ~ 6/1/21

Three days post surgery and our little Cappy boy is recovering nicely under the loving care of his foster mom.  Because Cap should not bear weight on his leg for long periods of time, which means no walks around town, his foster mom has provided him with a new mode of transportation – a baby stroller!  Look how happy Mr. Cap is being chauffeured through his neighborhood.  His mobility will be extremely limited for at least 8 to 10 weeks so it is important for Cap to be stimulated with different sights and sounds throughout each day to prevent boredom and these new wheels are just the remedy!  

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our caring community!  We have raised just over $4000 but need to reach $6000 just to cover his surgery.  If you can find it in your hearts to give to this chunk a munk we would greatly appreciate it. 

More updates soon!

Cap Update #4 ~ 6/10/21

Friends, we are thrilled to share that with your help, we have raised over $6000 for Cap! Thank you for your support! Your gift will help care for Cap and the many other animals in need at the RISPCA. We appreciate your generosity!

Cap Update #5 ~ 7/121

We are so thankful for the generous support we received to care for Cap – over 7K has been raised! We’re happy to say that his recovery is going well. His foster mom says, “Cap adores fetch and will play it for hours. He also loves ice cubes as much as regular treats! Cap is really good at reading people’s tones. He can tell when we’re happy or sad, and can even tell when we’re talking to another dog or talking about cute dogs on the internet because he’ll start barking…he wants it to be all about him, all the time!”  Stay tuned for more Cap updates! ***This adorable illustration of Cap is by his talented foster mom who is also a RISPCA staff member!