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On 11/27/18, the Rhode Island SPCA received information from the Hillside PA SPCA, regarding an animal cruelty investigation in their jurisdiction, involving Michael Williams, formerly of 189 Pleasant Street, Smithfield, RI. In March of 2018, Williams was charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty in RI, for the care and condition of 24 dogs and over 100 snakes seized from his residence. Williams was also charged with a number of other violations, including Unlicensed Practice of Veterinary Medicine, Manufacturing/Delivery/Possession of a Controlled Substance, Conspiracy and Possession of a Firearm during the commission of a crime of violence. Williams was later arraigned and released on bail with special instructions not to leave the State of Rhode Island and not to be in possession of animals.

Information received from the Hillside SPCA placed Williams in the State of PA and in the possession of a number of dogs. After further investigation, this information was documented and confirmed by the Frackville, PA police department. The information was then forwarded to the RI Attorney General’s Office  and an arrest warrant for Williams was issued. Williams was later apprehended by the Frackville, PA police department and held without bail. Williams was then extradited to RI and is currently being held at the ACI on bail violation.

His bail violation is scheduled for 01/14 and his next pre-trial conference for the outstanding charges is scheduled for 01/17.

Special thanks to Hillside SPCA, Frackville Police, and Kim Ahern/Special Assistant Attorney General.