The RISPCA has made three arrests in the last 24 hours on three separate animal cruelty cases. A fourth arrest is pending.

On 08/28/18, Irene Zadja of Pawtucket was arrested on one count of Unnecessary Cruelty regarding her Female Poodle mix named “Baby”. Baby was brought into a local groomer and found to be severely matted and had open sores on her abdomen and groin area. Baby was brought to a local veterinarian and ultimately had to be euthanized due to her poor condition.

On 08/28/18, Tiffany Scott of Foster was arrested on two counts of Unnecessary Cruelty(felony), for permitting two adult Boxers, “Bella” and “Jack” to suffer after being exposed to a poisonous substance believed to be antifreeze.

On 08/29/18, Adam Solomon of West Warwick was arrested on one count of Unnecessary Cruelty for permitting his dog, “Molly”, to be subjected to suffering and cruelty for failing to provide adequate veterinary care. Molly was the dog found in West Warwick on 08/12/18 and brought into the West Warwick Animal Shelter and reported as a stray. Molly was found to be emaciated and in deplorable condition, with a severe skin infection and deteriorated lower jaw. After further investigation, the RISPCA, in conjunction with the West Warwick Police Department, were successful in locating the owner, thanks to several tips from the general public.

On 08/28/18, an arrest warrant was signed for the person responsible for abandoning a Miniature Pinscher, known as “Patrick”, on the East Side of Providence. “Patrick” was found with an extremely large tumor on his side and in need of immediate veterinary care. The name of the suspect will be released once he is in custody. Pat is recovering from a successful surgery to remove the tumor.

We thank the public for their help in these cases. The RISPCA is dedicated to the prevention of animal cruelty and continues to fight, with your help, to apprehend those responsible for cruelty to animals in the state of Rhode Island.