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Temperament Testing

All of our dogs are temperament tested before they are available for adoption. When any dog is surrendered, they must be evaluated at our shelter. This usually occurs 3-7 days after arrival. The dog needs time to adjust to the shelter environment, and some may require longer adjustment periods.

Temperament testing involves a series of tests designed to determine a dog’s suitability for adoption. The temperament test here at the RISPCA evaluates a dog’s reactivity, leash manners, sociability, tolerance, and resource guarding. These tests in no way guarantee behavior of any dog but give us a better idea of what type of home the dog will do best in.

Rating System:
Green: The dog is suitable for most homes
Yellow: The dog is suitable for some homes, but may have age restrictions.
Red: The dog is not available for adoption.

After the temperament evaluation has been completed, you will find the results hanging on each dog’s kennel.

Our trainer, Heidi D’Ascoli ABCDT, does the temperament testing on all RISPCA dogs with the help of staff and volunteers.

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