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Pet Behavior Handouts

(Banner photo by Jean Carlson).

The handouts listed here are to help address specific behavior issues that are brought up so often we thought they deserved a section of their own. Feel free to download and print any of these for referral. These handouts are all part of the Pets for Life Behavior Series adapted from material created by animal behaviorists at the Denver Dumb Friends League and in cooperation with the Humane Society of the US.

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs        download (2)               

Solving Barking Problems     

Calming Fearful Dogs 

Canine Escape Artist        

Cat Aggression toward People

Cat Destructive Scratching

Cat Toys and How to Use Them

Coping With Allergies             

Crate Training Your Dog

Dog Parks

Dog Toys and How to Use Them                                                                       

Dogs Destructive Chewing                                         

Dogs Overcoming Noise

Dominant Dog                            

Fearful Behavior in Cats                          

Free Roaming Cats

House Training Puppies                      

Introducing A New Cat                             

Introducing A New Dog

Kitties Rough Play       

Litter Box Training          

Litterbox Problems

Nothing In Life Is Free                                  

Positive Reinforcement Cat    

Positive Reinforcement Dog

Preparing Your Pets for a New Baby                       

Puppy Behavior Chewing 

Puppy Behavior Nipping

Reducing Urine Marking             

Removing Stains and Odors   

Resource Guarding  

Selecting The Right Pet

Separation Anxiety                        

Solving Cat Aggression       

Stop Your Dog Digging

Submissive Urination                                              

Understanding Kittens                       

Understanding Puppy Behavior 

Understanding Talkative Cats                         

Unusual Eating Habits                 

Using a Head Halter

Using Aversives Cat                                      

Using Aversives Dog                      

When You’re Ill

Your Pregnancy and Your Cat