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Dog Resources on the Internet

(Banner photo of Faolan by Lorna Steele).


Photo of Sadie by Laurelin Sitterly


There are a number of resources listed on the website of one of our trainers, Beth Gresch. You can check them out at Attuned Dog.


Canine Epilepsy/Seizures

Dog Breed Health Risks and Health Screens

OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) – orthopedic dysplasias, DNA testing and inherited disorders

10 Dog Poisons: Plants, Foods, Medicines and More 

How to Give Your Dog CPR 

Vaccine Recommendations for Dogs 

Canine Veterinary Info 

Canine Miscellany

Dog Names 


ASPCA Dog Care 

Humane Society Dog Care

Dog Care Handout from the AAHA

Dog Foods


Best Dog Foods 

The Truth About Animal By-Products in Dog Food

Behavior Training

C-BARQ Assessment Test to Determine Your Dog’s Training Needs

Dog Training and Behavior Resources

Bad Rap Training Resources

Denver Dumb Friends League extensive Dog Behavior Handouts

ASPCA Virtual Dog Behaviorist 

Maddie’s Fund Animal Behavior Articles 

Teaching Your Dog Not to Pull on a Leash 

How to Train your Dog to Stop Pulling on His Leash

Clicker Training  

House Training an Adult Dog 

Interpreting Your Dog’s Barking 

Association of Pet Dog Trainers 

Understanding How to Show Affection to a Dog 

Why Dogs Should Never be Hugged 

How to Love Your Dog, Believe it or Not! 

Dog Problems  

Dog Body Language

Learn About Dog Body Language  

Dog Body Language

Rescue Dogs Rehabilitation

Behavior Problems Frequently Seen in Rescue Animals 

Managing Emotional Problems in Rescue Dogs 

Working with Fearful Dogs 

Bringing Home a Shy, Scared, Skittish or Abused Dog 

Teaching Your Shy Dog to Find His Happy Place in the World 

How to Rehabilitate an Overly Shy Dog 

Separation Anxiety 

Resource Guarding Treatment and Prevention

Managing the Leash-Reactive Dog 

Rehabilitating Dogs After Abuse 

Rehabilitating an Abused and Neglected Dog

Adopting an Abused Dog  and this Doggies.com one too 

Abused or Unsocialized? 

Rehabilitation of a Puppy Mill Dog 

I Got a Rescue Dog, Now What?  

Senior Dogs

Common Conditions in Senior Dogs and How to Treat Them 

The Senior Dog Project  

Dog Breeds

Dogtime Dog Breeds  

Dog Breed Info 

American Kennel Club 

Breed Rescues

Breed Rescue Directory by Breed  

Dog Magazines and e-zines

Whole Dog Journal 

The Bark  

Modern Dog 

Cesar’s Way  

Dog Fancy 

Daily Dog  

Dog Channel 



DogStar Daily