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Spring Horse Ride

Rhode Island SPCA Horse & Rider Versatility Event Series

Sunday, May 7, 2017

This is a B.Y.O.H. event
(Bring Your Own Horse)

KFC Lunch ** Raffles** Silent Auctions

*Please bring valid Rabies and Coggins paperwork*

This is a pledge ride so trot out and get your friends to sponsor you!

Cost: $25 per rider if pre-registered by May 3rd, $30 day of event (Includes KFC lunch and RISPCA Horse Ride T-shirt!)

  • Sign-in begins at 8am
  • Trail ride out begins at 9am. Enjoy a trail ride along the beach and throughout the bridle trails of Goddard Park.
  • Obstacle course walk through at 9:15am
  • Practice on obstacle course from 8:00am to 9am
  • Judging will begin at 9:30
    • 4 Divisions** Open**Novice** Junior (17 and under)**In-Hand**
    • You will have 5 Minutes to complete all 10 obstacles- you get 10 points if you complete it as require or 0 points if completed incorrectly–Your time will be the tie breaker.
    • Ribbons 1-6 in all divisions

Email Denise at turtlerockfarm@aol.com for more information.


Fill out a Registration Sheet or register online!

Registering online will make for a faster check-in the day of the event; creating your own fundraising page online to collect pledges is a fast and easy way to help you become this year’s top fundraiser!

*First Place=7 points *Second= 5 Points* Third= 4 Points*Fourth= 3 Points* Fifth=2 points* Sixth= 1 point*
You also earn 5 points for each event you attend
Mark your calendar **2nd Event: September 10, 2017 * 3rd Event October 15, 2017*
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