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RISPCA Bowl-a-Thon

Sunday, October 5, 2014 2pm – 5pm at Langs Bowlarama, 225 Niantic Ave. Cranstonbaxter-bunny-fireside-bowl-chicago-image


Each early October it’s the RISPCA vs. Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue in a really fun, annual competition. We rotate from one year to the next between playing duckpin or ten pin, and the venue is usually in Cranston or in Johnston. The cost is $20 per bowler, and all proceeds are split evenly between the RISPCA and Sweet Binks. Additionally this coming year we will be adding the ability to get sponsorships to up our fundraising efforts for both organizations.

To register, please contact Lisa Levasseur at lisal@rispca.com or at the RISPCA (401) 438-8150 weekday mornings.

The 2014 competition is Ten Pin and on Sunday, October 5th from 2-5pm. Save the date and start getting a group of friends together to sign up as a team supporting either the RISPCA or Sweet Binks in a good-natured bowling and fundraising competition!


Last year was the usual blast!

bowling winners

Bowling Winners

bowling bowling2 bowling3 bowling4 bowling5