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Molly’s Kids Page


This is Molly. She’s pretty cute, isn’t she? Photo by Lorna Steele

















Welcome to the RISPCA Kid’s Page, which has been named for Molly, our Director’s golden doodle. Molly loves kids, ear rubs, long walks in the countryside, and degus. She’s also a goofball, and great fun to play with. cute_tiny_kittens_fal_over

Coloring Pages created by Laurelin Sitterly:

Rabbit, Guinea Pig, Ferret, Rat, and Hamster coming soon

Molly does a Play Bow

Molly does a Play Bow

Laurelin’s Cat Coloring

Dog Color

Dog Needs Coloring Page

Hot Car Coloring Page PSA

A great link to cute guinea pig coloring pages: Guinea Pig Coloring Pages 


Guinea pigs need a little bit of vegetables, but a lot of hay!


Ooo, she love greens!

Word Searches

Pets Word Search

Wildlife Rehab Word Search

fieldmouse m feeding 1 (LSitterly v1)

This is a baby field mouse we took care of! Photo by Laurelin Sitterly

17 - 1

What a silly cat! Is he dancing?


Activity Sheet – Rat Maze

IFAW Dogs and Cats Maze (Courtesy of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, who produces the most marvelous humane education materials! Many thanks to them!)

And here’s a link to the AVMA Petpourri Kids Activity Sheets

Chinchilla Gus Office 1 (LSitterly v1)

Gus the Chinchilla hung out in the office a lot before he got adopted. Photo by Laurelin Sitterly

Animal Activity Sheets

African Pygmy Hedgehogs Fill in the Blank

What Kind of Pet

IFAW Dogs and Cats Word K-2 Fill in the Blank (Courtesy of IFAW, who produces the most marvelous humane education materials! Many thanks to them!)

Puppy Care Book Cover and Puppy Needs Blank gives your child an opportunity to list and draw items that a puppy needs for his well-being.

Wood Green Rabbits Word Search and Activity (Courtesy of  Wood Green UK. Thank you!)

The Ratty Fun Pages http://www.dapper.com.au/fun.htm

Pet Overpopulation Class Activity

bunsen ferret 1

This is Bunsen the ferret, who got adopted.  Photo by Laurelin Sitterly.

Word Searches

20 - 1


Dog Body Language Word Find



AKC Canine Crossword (Courtesy of the AKC)


Word Scrambles

AKC Safety Scramble (Courtesy of the AKC)



Here’s an Acrostic poem Guinea Pig. Show your child this example and see if your child would like to draw a picture of an animal and create his or her own acrostic!


Connect the Dots

Bunny Connect the Dots


The RISPCA often has rabbits who need a loving home.  Photo courtesy of Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue

International Pets

Many animals are popular pets here in the US, but did you know many of our pets come from different countries? Pets are popular world-wide, and every country has its favorite. We have dog breeds that originate from nearly every continent; our pet rabbits and ferrets came from Europe; Sugar Gliders started in Australia and South East Asia; many popular snakes come from Africa; our favorite large birds come from South America, Africa and Australia; and some of the most popular small mammals, such as chinchillas and guinea pigs, come from South America. Talk about international pets! For fun, do a search online or at your library to find out where your pets first came from. Below is a list of simple animals translated in to a variety of languages.

English Bird Cat Dog Fish Rabbit Snake
Chinese Niao Mao Gou Yu Tu She
French Oiseau Chat Chien Poisson Lapin Serpent
German Vogel Katze Hund Fisch Kaninchen Schlange
Japanese Tori Neko Inu Sakana Usagi Hebi
Portuguese Ave Gata Cao Peixe Coelho Serpente
Russian Ptitsa Koshka Sobaka Ryba Krolik Zmyeya
Spanish Ave Gato Perro Pez Conejo Serpiente


Activity – Rat Craft


Lots of cats like to drink moving water.

download (2)

Cool Projects You Can Do for Animals

Here are some of our more popular crafts at the shelter for school groups.

Parents, you can also take a look at our Humane Education Director’s Pinterest board Crafts to Make for Pets, which include many kid-friendly DIY crafts.

Feral Cat Rubbermaid Shelter and also This One


Cat and Dog Beds


Milk Jug Feeder


Photo courtesy of Meredith O’Reilly at Greatstems.com, a terrific garden and wildlife website

Catnip Toy if you’d like to sew one, or the No-Sew Version, which is midway through this fun page.

Baby-Sock-Catnip-Toycatnip toy 1

Cat String Toy: Knot the base of an 18″ length of gimp with a jingle bell, add about 6 to 8″ of pony beads, and knot the end carefully. Make sure both ends are secure so that your cat doesn’t end up breaking the string toy. Have fun!

images (10)silver_jingle_bellimages (4)


Here’s a link for some fun games about wildlife on the National Wildlife Federation’s Kid’s Page