Rhode Island SPCA

We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

Memorial Tributes


Dedicated in memory of our beloved pets – past, present and future – From Dr. Lisa Goldstein and Family

Bronze Plaques

In Memory of Carol A. Ragno

Granite Benches

For My Dad, My Hero, Frank Andreozzi Jr., From Your Daughter Who Loves You Forever

Giving in Loving Memory of Dorothy Owen Rogers and Her Friends Annie and Ammie, 1936-2009, by Alexander Rogers

In Memory of Irene Sturam: Beloved Friend and Volunteer of the RISPCA

In Memory of Colin Murphy: Beloved Friend and Volunteer of the RISPCA

In Memory of Richard MacNeil: Beloved Friend of the RISPCA


Evelyn Gottdenker: 12/11/1948 – 10/28/2003

Kayla Jean Ricci: 4/26/1989 – 2/28/2002
Forever Loved, Forever Missed, Love, Mom & Dad

Spenser Oren Scharfman 8/20/1988 – 5/15/2005

Marble Pavers

In loving memory from your coworkers, Melissa Vital, who shared her heart with every dog she met


  • In memory of Jean & Roger Sherman, for all the dogs they have loved
  • Rosemary Shea-Taylor, coolest cat ever 2014 “No death, no fear”.
  • In memory of Robert L. Kearnan 1975-2013 “Real living is living for others”.
  • In loving memory of Joyce T. Malboeuf
  • In loving memory of Sarah J. Lawton Volante
  • Mona 12-24-1996 06-04-2015 i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart) i am never without it
  • To Lindsay Sbardella, the most beautiful girl in the world
  • In memory of Adele and Sisto Mosco, They Loved All Animals
  • In loving memory of Derek Gablinske
  • In loving memory of Leonard J. Clarke and the dogs he loved: Major, Noby, Ghandi and his buddy Zachary the cat
  • In loving memory of Samantha, never to be forgotten
  • Koho, the best dog int he world, you will be missed! Love, your family the Joslin-White’s
  • In memory of Maria Lariviere from your co-workers at Memorial Hospital
  • In loving memory of Rebeckha Lynn Whitefield
  • Brandy, a sweet dog who got a second chance, we love you – The Rockwells
  • Sir Winston Halmi, December 12, 2010, Deeply Missed – Dearly Loved, Forever in our Hearts
  • In memory of Chilly Rockwell
  • In memory of William “Bill” Zanghi 7/4/58-2/12/08; rescued 3 cats: Mittens, Grey Kitty, and Pippi
  • Nubiana Calenda 5/6/08
  • In loving memory of Dot Quigley 12/19/08
  • In memory of Frances A. Gardella
  • Watson 1994-2009 Not too old to be my new dog
  • In memory of Mildred B. Pearson & her dog Tinker 1906 – 1981
  • In memory of Helen (Fundy) Fundakowski
  • In memory of Nippy Rockwell
  • Solomon 2001-2004 A fine Basset Hound and friend – We Love You Sam & the Laffey Family
  • In memory of Tugger Lady Mittens Briggsey Pumpkin Puck and Harry Love you always
  • In Memory of Fantasia, Emily, and Tigger Gone but Not Forgotten
  • To my loving parents Evelyn & Tony Never to be forgotten Thank you for my life and for Jody I-II-III Love your son
  • Buddy you will always be in our hearts Sandra Richard Spunky & Misty
  • Mocha Beloved Pet of Spenser Scharfman 5/1/89 – 1/10/06
  • For all my beloved pets You’ll Never be Forgotten Forever in My Heart Linda
  • In memory of Our SPCA Dog Freckles
  • In Memory of Goldie 3-1-95 to 7-19-07 We love you and miss our loyal friend The Laffey Family
  • In loving memory of Norman 2004 Zeke 2006 Momma Kitty 2006 Very Much Loved & Missed Always Barbara
  • Ginger 1993-2005 Ordinary Dog Extraordinary Friend
  • Cats are little people in fur coats
  • In memory of Millie 1985-1995 Mr. Scott 1988-1997 Mr. Handsome 1993-2003 Fancy Pants 1993
  • Aspen Cote Nobrega 1994-2006 Our Beloved Granddog & A Gentle Giant Collie
  • Max was my friend, partner & defender. He was faithful to the last beat of his heart. Payne Family

Granite Bricks

  • In memory of Chance 1994-2006 Love Dada & Mom
  • In memory of Woof and Sam
  • In memory of William Zanghi – His Friends
  • In memory of  Samson
  • In loving memory of Gordon E. Berry
  • In memory of Sara
  • Nina In loving memory 1992-2006


  • In Memory of Klaus
  • To My Special Unforgettable Aunt Gloria
  • R.I.P, Ripley 2000-2015
  • Princess and Chico, Our Loving Angels
  • Ryder, Always brought guests a pillow
  • In loving memory of Sarah B. Hayes
  • In memory of Jasper
  • Tank, a good boy, a great friend
  • Forever loved, Christine Vallande
  • In memory of Fancy Pants Janes
  • Little Chanel, best dog ever, we love you
  • Buddy, our faithful feline 1997-2015
  • To a beloved pet, Karibu my friend
  • To a beloved pet, my Lilly girl
  • In memory of Paul Kwasniewski
  • Stanley Vincent 2008-2014 Spencer’s Stan
  • In memory of my Drake Always…
  • Gram and Gramp Banes, Together Again
  • Our Button and Rose, Always Loved
  • Boo Radley MWD, Loved by all the Burkes
  • Polo, everybody’s little buddy
  • In memory of Dante; My Love, My Friend, Heaven’s Angel
  • In memory of Lola M. Nani
  • Teddy in loving memory, forever in our hearts
  • To Sugar, sweetest pup of all
  • Remembering Sony-Girl
  • In memory of Mike Conti
  • Beloved Pet Duffy
  • In memory of Edwyna Samdperil
  • Rene, beloved friend of Judy
  • Bill and Judy Langford, Love and Miss You
  • In memory of A Special Dog Sage Brough
  • In memory of Danny Boy Mayo
  • In Honor of Marisa Dimeo May 2011
  • In Memory of Kimberly Ann McCallister
  • Tang Wang Crevier, Granpa’s Beta
  • Fluffy Clyde, Forever Loved and Cherished
  • In Memory of Laura Apshaga’s Rose
  • Judy III, Love You Always, Bobby
  • Felicity Crevier, 2008, Our Smelly
  • In memory of Allison, a true friend
  • In memory of Railroad Willie
  • Joachim, the Good Dog, We love you always
  • Nina Davids 2002
  • For Nany, AKA Jennie Murphy my lunch pal
  • Jennie Murphy my best lunch pal ever
  • In loving memory Cookie Conway 1995-2009
  • In memory of Riley
  • In memory of Clio Chaffee
  • Theda my best friend
  • In memory of Betsy
  • Jean Dario a true friend to all animals
  • Coco Donnelly October 2008 Pawtucket, RI
  • In memory of Barbara & Buddy Corredo
  • Augie Davids 2008
  • Buster 1992 – 2007 Our good friend
  • Nikki meet Aunty Bunny at Rainbow Bridge
  • In memory of Butterscotch Love Ed & Karin
  • Becky My Girl You’re free now Will miss you
  • In Memory Of Max Holmes A Great Golden
  • Mikey Russo 1984 – 2008 We Miss You
  • In Memory of Shayna Neusert 10 – 6 – 2006
  • Fluffy Crevier 1989- 2006 Laura’s Baby
  • Loving Memory Helen M. Tobin
  • In Memory of Joe Tilenda, Jr friends at MPC
  • In memory of Blanche Wilbur 1916 – 2008
  • In Memory of Bonnie D. Thomas 12 – 03 – 07
  • In memory of Kiki A special cat
  • In memory of Beloved Chloe Best Dog Ever
  • Pat O’Toole Mom, My Angel 431 Forever
  • In memory of Max 1985 – 2001
  • In memory of Ebony & Ashley
  • 2004 Furry friends of the Burts
  • Scruffy, Amber, Blue, Dot & Baby In memory -Mom
  • In Loving Memory of Dreyfus
  • Buster 1992 – 2007 Our Good Friend
  • Cinnamon Crescent 7-7-70 – 8-7-05
  • Friend and Mascot Thanks Windy The IMT Family
  • In memory of Elvira (Vi) We Miss You
  • In memory of Tug
  • Smokey Love Mom, Lainie & Core
  • Thanks Apollo For 11 Wonderful Years XO Donna
  • In loving memory of Glennys Berry
  • In memory of Karen A. Cooper (Bedetta)
  • “Miss Meagan” Harrington – A Great Basset
  • In memory of Tai – Ling 20 Yrs of Love
  • Blitz – Best of Cats 1994-2006
  • Tyrone – Best Dog Ever Miss you
  • Puff 2000-2006 Always Loved, Todd
  • Best Dog Ever Harley 1997- 2006Love, Mom & Todd
  • Lover of Animals Betty Turkel
  • In memory of Jessee & Dax – McKenzie-Diaz
  • Weenie You are forever in our hearts
  • In memory of Rusty & Randy Love, Mom
  • Mimi
  • For Comet – We miss you, Love Chris ok. Kids
  • In memory of Our friend Tom Medici
  • Nala and Chip
  • In memory of Casey, Brownie and Bandit RIP
  • Starr -Not too old to be loved
  • Puffy A great friend and pet for 16 yrs.
  • In memory of Sweet “Lady” 1988-2000
  • In memory of Sasha 2-26-04
  • Our loves Seymour & Odin Miss you
  • In memory of a lady Doberman
  • Anka – Forever by my side, J. Delfarno
  • In memory of Lucky 1995- 2003
  • Shorty and Bo Love, Walter & Wanda
  • Buffy 1977-1992 A Loving Pet
  • In memory of Droopy and Misty
  • In memory of Richard and Rosie
  • Tinky Crevier 1988 – 2004 My Baby
  • In memory of Maria G. Neves and Baby
  • In memory of Tomas C. Neves and Blacky
  • Ginna- Forever in our hearts, Lynn and Jess
  • Orphan Annie Loved by the Marshalls
  • Boomer Booth Best Dog Ever 9-94 – 8-06
  • In memory of Mario Dicenso
  • In memory of Dallas
  • In memory of Goliath Boutin
  • Ginger – Best Horse Ever 1980-2000
  • Gee Bee’s Joy Gentle Mare – Dear Friend
  • Molly, Always in Our Hearts – Seth & Wendy
  • In Memory of Chance 1994-2006 Love Dada & Mom
  • Weenie You Are Forever in Our Hearts
  • Diggum, Always In Our Hearts – Seth & Wendy
  • Ike Thanks for all the joy you brought to us
  • In honor of a great dog – Marley Jaffe
  • Curley See you at Rainbow Bridge
  • In memory of Molly and CM – The McGee’s
  • Beloved Pets of Dino & Nancy
  • Jasmine Always in our Hearts
  • Max A Good Dog

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