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Schedule a Program

In keeping with our mission statement, all of our educational programs (with the exception of birthday parties and similar private programs) are always free of charge. Currently, programs are on hold. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In-School Programs

The RISPCA Humane Education department can bring its programs to you! Our in-school programs are designed to be presented in the classroom and can meet the needs of any age group, from pre-K through college and the adult community. We have a selection of pre-designed programs on a variety of topics, and can always work with you to design a custom program that fits your needs. Most programs run between 30 and 60 minutes (with the exception of the Animal Cruelty Issues programs, which can be considerably longer) and, wherever possible, we provide the option of bringing a live animal guest.

In-Shelter Programs

The RISPCA facility is equipped to host field trips and seminars of up to 55 people in our dedicated presentation space. Educational field trips generally run 60 – 90 minutes and boast a choice of program topic, interactions with a selection of education animals and a tour of our facility. Partial, full or multi-day seminars on a wide range of topics can be hosted or designed depending on space availability.


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