Rhode Island SPCA

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Handouts and Resources

Here are a number of resources for parents, teachers and other individuals, and we always welcome additional suggestions.

A wonderful set of animal-related kindness ideas on the Random Acts of Kindness website.

Children’s Books with Humane Themes

16 Books about People Helping Animals or click here for a printable version: 16 Children’s Books about People Helping Animals

Link to NHES (National Humane Education Society) Picture Book/Early Reader Recommendations

Picture Books with Special Needs Characters

Link to NHES Chapter Book Recommendations

Link to NHES Young Adult Book Recommendations

Humane Reading Resources for Older Readers

Useful Humane Education Links for Teachers and Parents

Online Resources in Humane Education

A great link at the Institute for Humane Education’s website: 12 Resources for Free Films on Humane Issues

Home School Website Resources (APHE)

Rhode Island Anti-Dissection and Vivisection Law Know your right to decline dissection in school.

Online Resources for information about Careers with Animals

Animal Cruelty Issues – Animal Testing links on Pinterest

Animal Cruelty Issues – Poaching and Hunting links on Pinterest

Animal Cruelty Issues – In Entertainment and Captivity links on Pinterest

Overpopulation Poem about Don’t Breed or Buy by an anonymous shelter worker in San Diego