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Humane Education

What is Humane Education?

“Humane education is preventative medicine to a world out of balance. It challenges all the social ills we face, from the exploitation of other species and the planet itself, to poverty and war, to prejudice and greed. The seeds we sow…are the seeds of peace, kindness, sustainability, respect and compassion, and from them a more humane world will spring.” ~ Zoe Weil

Humane Education, in its simplest form, is teaching people of all ages to understand and care for the animals in our lives. In a broader sense, it exists to foster compassion, respect, and empathy for all living things and to promote conservation of the environments in which we live. Humane Education picks up where other academic disciplines leave off, addressing not only the scientific understanding of life around us, but also promoting contemplation of our moral obligations to the world of which we are stewards.

 “Children trained to extend justice, kindness and mercy to animals become more just, kind and considerate in their relations with each other. Character training along these lines will result in men and women of broader sympathies, more humane, more law-abiding – in every respect more valuable citizens.” ~  National PTA Congress (1933)

The Humane Society of the Rhode Island SPCA works with people of all ages, in schools, community centers, libraries and our own shelter facility, to raise awareness of animal issues both within Rhode Island and throughout the world. Whether pets, endangered species, native wildlife or marine mammals, our programs seek to engage and inform and to promote the human-animal bond, as well as to foster compassion, respect and empathy for all living things.

Humane Ed events

Advising students about the costs of pet care at a Financial Fair


Kids observing pets at a summer camp program


“It was fantastic having you come visit our PRISM Afterschool Program with Foxy. The kids liked her and all her kisses. I really appreciated how your presentation was relaxed, informal and lighthearted. It was enjoyable and just right to keep their attention and engage them in an important topic.” ~ Caroline H., Birchwood Elementary

“Thanks for an interesting and informative Careers presentation you gave the students today. The joy was all ours; you were excellent.” – Beverly V., School One

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