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We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves

Current Sponsors


The Rhode Island SPCA would like to thank everyone who has sponsored an adoptable pet. Your sponsorship has made a huge difference in the lives of our friends waiting for a second chance at the shelter!

Our Current Sponsors:

Savior Level

Dr. Lisa Goldstein
January 2013 – January 2014

In loving memory of our Spirit, from Judith and Michael Catchpole
December 2012 – December 2013

Members of the East Providence Fire Department
May 2011 – May 2012

Dr. Lisa J. Goldstein
January 2011 – January 2013

November 2010 – November 2012

Betsey Kilmartin
March 2010 – March 2012

January 2010 – January 2012

In Memory of Colin Murphy

Guardian Angel Level

In memory of Doreen Krava

In memory of Dorothy Owen Rogers and her friends Annie and Ammie

Knot Just Wood

In memory of my wife, Dottie Rogers, and her friends Annie and Ammie

In Loving Memory of Dorothy Owen Rogers and her friends Annie and Ammie
December 2010 – December 2011

Christie Preston | March 2010 – March 2011

Members of the East Providence Fire Department | Febraury 2010 – 2011

In Memory of Foster | Moses Brown School | May 2009 – May 2010

Best Friend Level

– In memory of Pat and Cellet from Betty Holloway
– In memory of Murphy Duffy, beloved Sheltie
– In memory of Bartholomew, adopted in 1985 from the RISPCA
– Isabella (adopted 2001) – Sister of Gizmo and Nicholas
– Gizmo (adopted 2005) & Nicholas (adopted 1999)
– In memory of Tipper, Friskie, and Blackie
– In honor of Mason Fawcett – a true animal lover
– Blarney Stone Energy
– Nancy Lapham in Memory of Felix, Samson, and Oscar
– Pat Salisbury, Betty Holloway, and Celley
– From Stanley and Kato
– Blarney Stone Energy
– Maria Plante
– Johnna and Glenn Robinson
– Beverly Reynolds
– Deb, Maggie, Gus, and Peanut Lake
– Guests of the Ahrens – Warzeka Wedding
– Michele Baranowski
– William & Karen Hogan
– Delta Wine & More
– In Honor Of Dustin & Bella
– Cathy & Tom Pepper
– In Memory of Pumpkin
– For Rhiannon Lee In Memory of Sydney Lee
– Eric Brierly & Kate Miosky
– Lori Sullivan In Memory of Her Friend Sargent
– In Memory Of Oreo, Casey & Jasmine
– Bev Reynolds
– In Memory Of Steven Horovitz
– IMT Services Corporation DBA Insuremytrip.com
– Anna Wilson-Wuestefeld
– Salie & Lance Dent
– In Memory of T-Bone Trinkle Love Buddy & Karen Trinkle
– In Memory of our beloved American Eskimo Girl Risdee Tucciarone
– Janice Sevigny
– In Memory of Walter Warzeka ~ Love Allie & Watson
– Lauren Paull

Pal Level

– Carl Mattson
– My pal Diesel
– In memory of SFC Banes
– For Murphy and Steven Moore
– For Bernie Moore
– In memory of our foster Cairn Terrier, Manny, who has a forever home in our hearts. We love and miss you. From Mike, Suzy, Sophie, and Smithers
– Sponsored by Stanley and Kato
– In memory of Daisy
– In memory of Annie May
– In memory of Little Bo Bo and Peanut
– In memory of Mrs. and Mr. O’Connor from Bob & Olive Connor
– Fredda Korber – to the dedicated staff at the RISPCA – thank you for caring
– In honor of all our pets: past and present. The Bodays
– Celebrating the life of Cinder Deffe
– Celebrating the Life of Lucy Apshaga (1997 – 2011)
– In memory of Maria Lariviere from your co-workers at Memorial Hospital
– In memory of Bobby “Bo” Desmet’s 40th Birthday – 8/19/71
– In memory of Pumpkin
– Helen’s Friend
– In memory of Goldie, Brownie, Olivia, Calvin, Snowy, and Sydney.
by Cynthia Clay and Neiko
– In Honor of Sherrie, Stacia, and Imani
– In Memory of Bobby ‘Bo’ Desmet
– R.C. LaPerche Elementary School
– Adam Vincent
– In Memory of Heidi
– Members of the East Providence Fire Department
– Big Orange Films
– In Honor of Fiona by Jim Mahoney
– Heather Campbell
– Denise Tudino GymChickRI.com
– In Honor Of Jean, Linda, Patricia, Rita, Ruby & Violet
by Cythia Clay & Neiko
– In Memory of Dice
– In Loving Memory Of  Bobby ‘Bo’ Desmet
– H.O.P.E. “Helping Other People Everywhere”
– In honor of Joe Casey “A true dog lover”
– In Recognition of “Betty’s CGC Award”
– Brownie Troop 1323
– In Memory of Mollie

Online Sponsorship

Kathy Dickinson – In honor of Ray and Mary Ball
Scott Kellogg
Donna O’Hara
Pamela Meyerhoff
Patricia Sullivan – In Memory of Nemo