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Foster Care Training: Kittens

(Banner photo by Laurelin Sitterly)

If you are interested in becoming a foster care giver for pregnant or nursing cats, bottle-feeding kittens, or socializing weaned kittens under 8 weeks of age, we require you to participate in training. We typically offer a training session on a Saturday morning at the end of March, just before kitten season, and can also schedule additional sessions as needed.

Questions about fostering – the application, the process, etc. can be addressed to Lisa Levasseur at lisal@rispca.com

Here are additional resources for those of you fostering with us, or providing kitten care on your own. It’s not an easy process, but it’s rewarding and it’s often the difference between life and death for the kittens in your care.

Alley Cat Allies’ Neonatal Kitten Care – An excellent overview. The gold standard. Many thanks to Alley Cat Allies and to all the work they do.

Alley Cat Allies’ visual Kitten Aging Guide

Feeding Schedule Chart courtesy of Alley Cat Allies

Kitten Weight Chart courtesy of Alley Cat Allies

Kitten Progress Report courtesy of Alley Cat Allies

UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program’s Guide to Raising Orphan Kittens includes care of the pregnant and nursing mother

Longmont Humane Society’s Bottle Baby Info and Trouble-Shooting Guide includes a great weight and cc feeding guide on page 2.

Bottle Feeding Kittens

Kathleen Gallagher’s Hand Raising Orphan Kittens

Gentle Paws’ Kitten Primer

Feeding-Guidelines-for-Bottle-Baby-Kittens frequency and amount chart, courtesy of Feline ORE

Momma Mia! 7 Important Tips When Caring for Momma Cats and Kittens 

Suggested Guidelines When Caring for Bottle Babies

ASPCA’s Is it Male or Female Kitten? visual guide courtesy of ASPCA Pro


Photo by Laurelin Sitterly

Photo by Laurelin Sitterly