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Foster Care Policies

Foster Candidates

The Rhode Island SPCA Foster Care Program has been established to help with animals that require short-term (2-8 weeks) care for recovery to an adoptable age and status. Reasons for placement include pregnancy, animals less than 8 weeks of age or less than 2 lbs in weight, mildly ill animals requiring general medical care, and animals recovering from an injury or trauma.

Foster Parents

Our teams of foster parents are dedicated to giving young animals a second chance at life. Without the help of invaluable volunteers like you, who open their hearts and homes to animals in need, many would not find their way into a loving permanent home. The Rhode Island SPCA is continually seeking new Foster Parents, so if you know someone who may be interested in joining our program, please have them call 401-438-8150 for more information.

The Rhode Island SPCA asks from you as Foster Parents to provide, water, shelter, socialization and lots of love. The RISPCA provides all the necessary food, supplies, veterinary care and medicine.  (Items bought outside the program or veterinarian care not provided by RISPCA vet staff will not be reimbursed.)

If you live in an apartment, please confirm that your landlord will allow pets. This is absolutely required, as we contact landlords with every application and will deny a foster application without landlord approval.


1. In an emergency are you able to get to us quickly?

2. Will you be able to commit to appointments ranging from once a week to every three weeks if the animal has problems?

3. Are you aware that there is a great deal of clean-up and even possible damage to your home from a foster pet?

4. Are you willing to work with our veterinary care system?

5. Do you have space to separate our animals from your own?

6. Will you be able to spend quality time with the animals?

7. Can you commit to spend the entire foster period with the animal?

8. Do you feel comfortable explaining to friends that these animals are not yours to adopt out and that they must go through the regular adoption process at The Rhode Island SPCA?

9. Will you bring back the animals at the end of the foster period?

10. Do you or any family members have any physical problems or medical limitations or issues which may be impacted by fostering animals?

11. Are you emotionally prepared to handle the death of one of your foster animals?   This can be very difficult, but the sad truth is that it sometimes happens. In this event, the Rhode Island SPCA should be contacted immediately.

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