1870 ~ 2020

Dear Friend of the Rhode Island SPCA,

Now that we’ve reached this milestone anniversary, I sit at my desk as your new President and can’t help but reflect on our long history. It’s incredible to realize how far we have come in helping “those who cannot speak for themselves”.

As the oldest humane organization in the state of Rhode Island and the third oldest in the country, we should all be proud of our accomplishments.

It is because of you and all our supporters that we have had an impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of animals in need over the past 150 years. This could not have been possible without animal lovers like you and cannot continue without your support.

Established in 1870, the Rhode Island SPCA’s lifesaving work was in full swing within three years. People began to be more concerned about the state of animals, especially for the cart horses, and as a result, more complaints were received. At that time, six special agents were then appointed and placed at several locations throughout the state protecting animals in need.

Almost 150 years later, the Rhode Island SPCA is still the leading agency in Rhode Island, in the fight against animal cruelty.

I’d like to share a personal story with you that happened back in December of 2015. It was when I was still the Humane Law Enforcement Officer at the Rhode Island SPCA.

I was sent on a complaint to investigate an abandoned dog left in an apartment in the City of Providence. I had investigated dozens of complaints like this in my years, but little did I know, this one would not only change my life forever, but also the life of one very lucky dog.

Upon arrival it was evident the dilapidated apartment had been abandoned. I peered through one of the windows, and amongst the piles of debris and broken furniture, I saw the head of a black and white Pit bull-type dog. The dog slowly emerged and it was immediately clear that his head was the largest part of his body, as his ribcage and spine were protruding.

Amidst a low rumbling growl, I knew his eyes told a different story.

He needed my help.

I could not leave him there, so I climbed through a window with the hopes of leaving in one piece, with dog in tow. Equipped with a handful of Milos Meatballs, it was clear the way to this dog’s heart was through food! From that day forward little black & white dog, who is now known as Cruiser, and I were instant besties and have been inseparable ever since. The once 37-pound bag of bones is now a robust 58 pounds and the center of mine and my wife’s universe.

As I look to the future and the direction of the Rhode Island SPCA, I can’t help but be excited about our possibilities. We have a proud history of fighting cruelty and neglect, leading legislative advocacy in Rhode Island and finding homes for animals in our care. I am incredibly proud of our work and now I want to build upon this strong foundation and do so much more.

With your help, in 2019 we began to expand our reach to provide
innovative community programming that focuses on helping not only
the animals but the people who love them.

We know that keeping animals in loving homes is just as important to you as it is to us. That’s why we will be pro-active and provide options and alternatives to relinquishment to families in need.

Every animal has a chance at the Rhode Island SPCA.

We accept every animal that comes to us with open arms regardless of breed, age or illness. We will continue to support animals that have behavioral or emotional issues due to abandonment, neglect or abuse and provide the specialized care that they need.

We are proud of our history, proud of our present and passionate about continuing our mission into the future.

With your contribution today, we can continue to create a more humane community together. Every dollar matters, be it $10, $25, $50 or more. We assure you that we are committed to making the most impact with every dollar you give. We will better the lives of the animals that need it the most.

Let us know that the welfare of animals in Rhode Island matters to you.

Please give today.


Joe Warzycha

p.s. – Would you like to learn more about the direction of the Rhode Island SPCA and how you can help? Contact me at (401) 438-8150 x1 or jwarzycha@rispca.com.

Who benefits from your support? They do.

Hardship Boarding Program


A house fire displaced Chico’s family and forced them to live in their vehicle because they couldn’t find housing that allowed pets. Living in their vehicle because they had been unable to find adequate housing that would allow Chico, his owners contacted us for assistance and were devastated at the thought they were going to have to relinquish their beloved dog. Thanks to our Hardship Boarding Program we were able to temporarily care for Chico and then return him to his loving family!

In 2019, we opened our doors to 28 cats, 38 dogs and 7 small animals and provided food, shelter and loving care until they were able to return to their families.

Marvin’s Fund


This adorable face is Max. His loving owner was struggling with finances and was temporarily living his vehicle with Max, when it became clear that something was wrong with Max’s eye. Max was in need of surgery on his left eye but his owner was unable to afford the surgery. Because of the Marvin Fund, his surgery was successful and he is happy and healthy today!

In 2019, we’ve helped over 150 animals in need of medical assistance who’s families would otherwise not be able to afford veterinary care.

Animal Cruelty


After living in deplorable conditions for an unknown amount of time, Titan was seized and removed from a home in Providence. Titan was recently diagnosed with cancer and we are searching for a Hospice Foster Home…READ MORE HERE

In 2019, we have been a part of 107 animal cruelty investigations, 146 animals were seized with 5 search warrants and 9 arrests.

In 2020, You can help us do so much more. Let us know that the welfare of animals in Rhode Island matters to you.

For more information, contact Connie Kile, Director of Development at ckile@rispca.com or (401) 438-8150 x8.