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Adoption Process

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Step One:
Check out our adoptable pets online or by visiting the RISPCA during business hours to see the pets that are currently available for adoption. Each animal will have a profile card that will answer questions about their temperament, diet, medical records, whether or not they’re house-trained, whether or not they like to be left alone, their good and bad habits, along with other helpful information.

Step Two:
Once you have chosen an animal you are interested in, you must fill out a dog application, cat application, or small animal application. When the animal is available for adoption, all applications will be considered on a “best fit” basis. The selected applicant will then be contacted.

Step Three:
You will then have a chance to meet the animal outside of its kennel before you and the RISPCA make a final decision. In the case of dog adoptions: Anyone who shares your home and will be interacting with the dog should ideally be present, along with any children who visit frequently. Most animals act differently once they are out of the kennel, so this is an essential part of the process. In addition, if you are adopting a dog and have another dog at home, you must bring your resident dog to meet our shelter dog. Often, the dogs are the ones who decide if the match is a good one!

Step 4:
If everything works out, you will then begin the adoption process. This process involves about 30 minutes of paperwork and data entry by a staff member, and requires that you have a valid driver’s license or photo ID. The adoption fee is due at this time and must be made in cash or by check.

Step Five:
Now it’s time to take your new family member home! You won’t need a leash or collar if you’re adopting a dog – we provide a new set with the adoption. If you’re adopting a cat, you will need a carrier. We also have durable cardboard ones available for purchase for $5 to bring cats, kittens, or small critters home.

Step Six:
Enjoy many, many years of fun and companionship with your new pet! Remember to send pictures and updates for us to include in our Happy Tails.