If its a cuddly and comical companion you are looking for then this little piggie fits the bill to a T! Quinta Roo will greet you with squeals, chirps, squeaks, and whistles and put a smile on your face every day!

Guinea pigs are hardy little animals, and their easy care makes them a great buddy. A suitably sized cage and play time with you every day will meet his exercise needs. Supply him with unlimited amounts of fresh green grass hay (usually timothy) and pair that with a pellets specifically for guinea pigs, and he’ll be a happy boy (fresh greens and vegetables can be fed in moderation).

Quinta Roo is a very social boy so we should be fine with adults or a family with children. Another Guinea pig friend could be good as well as long has you’re able to provide separate housing.

For more information on adopting, go to https://rispca.com/adopt/small-animals/ anytime, visit our shelter at 186 Amaral St in Riverside 7 days a week or call us at (401) 438-8150.