***  I/2 OFF ADOPTIONS!! for all of our guinea pigs along with their rabbit friends in celebration of #guineapigappreciationday!***

Frieza is a 1 year old female guinea pig that came to us from a situation where the owner had too many animals to care for properly. She is very sweet, doesn’t mind being handled and is quite a squeaker! She is also pregnant and will be giving birth very soon. We’re hoping there’s someone who may want to Foster to Adopt so she can be in a loving home and be as comfortable as possible raising her babies. We will offer our support and guidance to whomever chooses to take her in and when her babies are old enough, we will find them homes as well.

If you’re interested, please fill out an application.  If you have any questions, contact us at 401-438-8150 or adoption@rispca.com.