You probably don’t know me but my name is Bella. Yes, I’m a pittie and yes, I know people sometimes feel bad about us; but like humans, some of us have problems… not all of us.

Anyway, I never thought I’d be able to do what I got to do on Wednesday night. I WAS A BASEBALL STAR!


I have to be honest, I had a really good time but I really hope I get to do other fun things like this with a new family. I really do like the people at the RISPCA but it’s not like a HOME… you know? I love the humans who come and play with me every day and go on walks with me but they aren’t MY humans.

My forever humans are out there. I’ve just been having a hard time finding the right fit for me. They are working on it, they tell me every day, but I’ve been here for a long time… I just hope I find my humans soon.

Thanks for the fun time everyone and thanks for trying to help me. I don’t really understand time but they tell me I’ve been here since May and that’s too long.

I understand that now.




Love, Bella ♥

OH! P.S. This is my profile and if you’d like to meet me you can fill out an application for me to go home with you.