Meet Yogi. He has a face that only EVERYBODY can love! Seriously folks, we can’t with this guy. He believes he’s the perfect size for lap naps and we agree.

If friendly, outgoing, make-you-laugh-out loud kinda dogs do it for you then you’re gonna wanna meet this guy. You’ve heard the whole “bull in a china shop” saying? Yup, he sometimes resembles that remark. He means well but he’s a big boy with lots of chunk and spunk. For that reason, an adult home or families with sturdy dog-savvy kids will be the perfect match for Yogi’s sometimes rough and tumble ways.

Like a dog that loves to learn? What a coincidence…Yogi’s THAT dog too. With the help of lots of yummy treats (bribery can be a beautiful thing), he’s learning to ignore all the shiny balls of life, focus and do ALL the things.

Since Yogi’s a slightly older gentleman, he’s in our “Marvin’s Friend” program so his adoption fee will be waived. But don’t his 7 year old tag fool you, he has alot of zip and will have no trouble keeping up with you.

Yogi really is the total package. We are so in love with him. And you will too when you come to meet this big mushface of a gem:)

If you’re interested in adopting Yogi, please fill out an application or email with any questions.