Titan is a spry 8 year old man who is full of energy and pure goofiness. You would never know he was sick, unless we told you. Titan’s story is a bit long, but worth the read.

Coming to us from a seizure in Providence back in October, he won the staff over quickly with his adorable earless – blocky head and the quirky “smiles” he gives when he is excited. Titan lives for tennis balls, enjoys long walks, rolling around on his back and most of all….all the petting! Titan is what we call a “leaner”, he throws his body into you for maximum petting. 

Titan was soon adopted, but it was found that although he likes other dogs, he prefers to keep all the lovin’ to himself. He would love to have doggie friends to socialize with but would do best as the only pet in the home so he can be the center of his families universe. 

During his short stay, the adopters noticed a “bump” had shown up on his muzzle within a day. They also brought to our attention his neuter incision was becoming irritated, raw and possibly infected. Upon examination, our shelter veterinarian, Dr. Thibeault, found that Titan did not have an infection, but in fact had mast cell cancer. He now had multiple tumors, all inoperable. 

Dr. Thibeault decided to try to treat the cancer head-on with injections and a specific medication. Titan responded remarkably to the treatment! All of the visible tumors have receded and he is now being treated with an oral chemo-type medication to help control this aggressive type of cancer. Titan will need continuous veterinary care and testing, and will need to remain on this chemo-type medication for an unknown amount of time. 

The Rhode Island SPCA is committed to helping Titan through his journey, no matter the cost. Mast cell cancer is a tricky thing, a dog’s lifespan could be 2 months or 5 years, we will never know.  We are searching for a Hospice Foster Home that will care for and love Titan for however long he has left. You provide the love, play, couch & snuggles and we provide all his medical care!

Titan’s previous 8 years may not have been the best, but we sure are hoping his remaining years are filled with tennis balls, couches and snuggles in a loving long-term foster home.

Titan Update: 11/27/19 ~ Great news! Titan is off to his Hospice Foster home!!! Our adorable goofy boy will be spending Thanksgiving with his new foster mom! 😍

We are so thankful for our community for rallying behind Titan, especially our friends at ABC6 who featured him on our Tuesday News at Noon segment, Pick of the Litter”!

Titan and his new foster mom!

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