This absolute HUNK has so many good things going for him but we just have to start with those ears…they’re so velvety soft and as big as his personality and his heart:)

Maverick is not shy with his feelings and will shower you with kisses. Seriously, big time slobber-fest with this one, he’s such a goober!

Since he’s such a big and boisterous lug, his best fit will be with adults or families with older, sturdy kids who lead a moderate to active lifestyle. He’s pretty excited when he sees other dogs, and he’d do great with one that’s his size. Probably pass on cats and small animals because of his energy level.

Maverick is a lover of long, meandering walks to somewhere and absolutely nowhere…adventuring just seems to be in his blood. He also LOVES car rides. He’s totally obsessed with hitting the road and will prove to be your perfect sidekick if you have a roaming heart as well.

If you are interested in adopting Maverick, please fill out an application or email with any questions.