This snorty compact little Chatty Cathy is Luna and we totally love her to the moon and back!

Just try to keep a straight face when she starts snorting around looking for treats. She’s a talker and will tell you all about her day as you’re having a snuggle on the couch. This smarty pants LOVES people and would fit right in with adults or a family with school aged kids where she can be the only pet.

Luna’s an active gal and although she enjoys running by your side, she does have two bad knees that we’re checking out. Doesn’t slow down this sassy lovebug one bit though. She’s a pretty special lady!

Adoptions and meet & greets are being conducted by appointment only since our shelter is currently closed for visitors. You are welcome to fill out an application or you can email us at with any questions. Thank-you!

Can’t adopt but still want to help our shelter animals in a thoughtful way?

Once you make your gift, we’ll add your name below to say that you are a “Holiday Helper”! Every shelter animal will receive a stocking filled with toys & treats to enjoy while they are in the shelter and to take home when they are adopted. Proceeds will also allow us to continue to provide our current and future animals with safe and warm shelter, medical care, and lots of love.

I’m a Holiday Helper!

Alexandria Nelson