Say hello to an affectionate lady looking for love. Karen is such a smart cookie and although she may think she knows everything, we’re sure you’ll have fun showing her a thing or two! Full of personality and spunk, Karen requests a full toy bin that she can peruse at her leisure and will enjoy afternoons of playing catch with you preferably with her number one toy, the blessed tennis ball.

Karen will be a great companion for someone who’s active and chooses a jog on the beach rather than sleep in Saturdays. Not that she won’t appreciate a cozy up on the couch, she’ll just be a happier pup if her days are first filled with lots of physical and intellectual fun and games. Get a little creative…like a backyard agility course or maybe those brain busting canine puzzle toys. Keeping this gal busy and engaged will make her day. Karen’s best fit will be in a home where she can shine as the only pet. She’s a stunner and will surely grab your heart with one bat of those unique baby blues.

At this time, our shelter is closed to visitors unless by appointment. If you are interested in adopting Karen, please fill out an application or email if you have any questions.