Meet Jax! Do we even need to say anything that these pics don’t say with volumes?? If it’s a handsome, young working breed of a canine companion that you’re in the mood for then here’s your boy. This pup is going to be F.U.N.!

At a mere 5 months of age, Jax is a German Shepherd who’s at that perfect age where life is so new and magical. It’s so much fun seeing the world through the eyes of a young puppy😊. A lover of learning and playing, Jax is ready for most any type of home to take him on.

We’re open to an adult home or families with kids and other pets can be a great fit as well. Jax is such a friendly boy with the occasional typical jumpy puppy behavior but he’s such a quick learner and will master manners in no time. Our staff has been having a blast with him and we’re proud to share that he’s already figured out “down & wait” in just two tries. Nothing like watching a shepherd puppy brain figure things out…so smart!

Ready for a faithful companion to call your own? Come meet Jax!

1/11/20 ~ Adoption Pending! If you have any questions, please email