Say hello to Gucci! There’s just so much to love about this sassy little firecracker. From the tips of her velvety ears to her squishy, little foldy face down to her cute little white-sock tootsies, Gucci is the whole package. Did we mention she’s also the queen of wiggle-butts? Oh yeah, she’s got it goin on!

Gucci’s compact, muscular build is that of an athlete and she LOVES running. Seriously…if there’s a triathalon in town, this gal will take the trophy! She can do zoomies for days, LOVES exploring new horizons and car rides are her jam. Once she hears those keys jingle, she’ll be by your side in a hot minute! Gucci is a co-pilot you can count on for life.

This sensitive lady can take a bit to warm up to new people so we’re helping her along with positive ways to build her confidence (and she’s doing awesome:) Her best fit will be with a patient, loving adult or two where she can be the only pet.

p.s. She’s also an expert stuffed animal un-stuffer. Get out the stop watch folks. She’s a professional.

Adoptions and meet & greets are being conducted by appointment only since our shelter is currently closed for visitors. You are welcome to fill out an application or you can email us at with any questions. Thank-you!

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