4year old, Male, Husky

I am Groot…
We wish that was all he said. Groot is a chatty husky with A LOT of personality to match. He LOVES to run, and run, and run! When he isn’t running, he likes to work on his commands and get lots of treats! He is okay around some dogs, but we have no history of him with cats so we’re going to steer clear of those. What this goofy boy does need is structure and does so well with it! So if you’re an active home with no young kids (teens+), who is willing to keep up with his training (possibly have had a crazy husky before) – come get your very own Groot!!

Interested in adopting? Great! You are welcome to visit the RISPCA, fill out an application or email us at  adoption@rispca.com with any questions. Thank-you!