Bumblebee (a.k.a. Ms. Bee) is the squishiest treat you will ever meet! This chonky gal is a picture perfect snuggle buddy.

Ms. Bee opens right up with a gentle touch and some one-on-one time. Just use your very best “sweet-talking” voice and she’ll waddle your way and have her head in your lap in no time.

Love and attention is definitely her jam. She doesn’t seem to be very food-motivated but kindness makes her light up and eases those nervous jitters right out of her #brindleperfect little bod.

Ms. Bee’s best fit will be in most any type of home. She’s open to adults or families with kids. She’s dog social and seems to be indifferent to cats. So maybe she could warm up to a canine-savvy feline.

Interested in adopting? Great! You are welcome to visit the RISPCA, fill out an application or email us at  adoption@rispca.com with any questions. Thank-you!