Brandy is a salt and pepper babe with so much to offer! This happy-go-lucky girl is the sweetest kiddo who loves everyone. She also loves stuffed animals, treats, and whacking you with her tail because she’s so happy!

Brandy is a total family dog and would do fine in a home with school age kids and up as long as they don’t mind the over-bearing amount of love she has to give. She is scared of little dogs and vacuums (obviously a 65lb pit would be, duh.) She might also be open to meeting a calm, unicorn dog friend. Did I mention she is always happy?! This girl’s days are filled with nothing but life is good moments and who doesn’t want that in their life?

Adoptions and meet & greets are being conducted by appointment only since our shelter is currently closed for visitors. You are welcome to fill out an application or you can email us at with any questions. Thank-you!