This snorty little lovebug is Angel. She’s a perfect 54 lbs of short-legged chubb and was made to snuggle. Give her a second on the couch and she’s yours. She’ll be on her back smiling ear to ear and demanding belly rubs in a hot second.

This little love has quite a tale to share. She was found alone on the streets of East Greenwich. Animal Control picked her up and seeing that she was in medical distress immediately brought her to Ocean State Veterinary Specialists. The RISPCA was called and she was transferred to our shelter where our Director of Shelter Medicine, Dr. Seth Finger V.M.D. performed an emergency spay. She has been recovering comfortably with one of our dearest foster care volunteers.

Angel is now ready for adoption and she’s on the lookout for her very own loving people. Her best fit will be in a moderately active, fun-loving home with adults or families with dog-savvy children. We’re not sure how she feels about other pets but she has such a laid-back personality that we’re open to talk!

Few other fun facts…she could enter (and probably win) ANY snoring contest, she has the most adorable waddle walk and is a canine garbage truck…she eats EVERYTHING so keep those snacks off the low tables! She also loves her stuffed animals and snuggles with a whole crew of them.

Adoptions and meet & greets are being conducted by appointment only since our shelter is currently closed for visitors. You are welcome to fill out an application or you can email us at with any questions. Thank-you!

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  • Pitbull mix 
  • 2 years old 
  • 54 lbs
  • Found alone on the streets of East Greenwich
  • Picked up by Animal Control
  • In need of immediate medical care
  • Brought to Ocean State  Veterianary Specialists
  • Transferred to RISPCA
  • Dr. Seth Finger V.M.D. performed emergency spay surgery
  • Recovering well
  • Now available for adoption
  • Best fit with adults or families with teens
  • Unknown how she is around other dogs
  • We’re open to her meeting other friendly dogs
  • Loves people
  • Loves to snuggle with her stuffed animals
  • Will eat ANYTHING 
  • Seems well mannered