When you meet Alfie, it’s impossible to not fall in love with his incredibly handsome face but then you see the hesitation in his big brown eyes.

To say that Alfie has come from a difficult situation is an understatement. Alfie was brought to us after being medically treated for a stab wound. He is recovering physically but emotionally, we quickly realized trust was going to be an issue. Our patient and kind shelter staff has taken their time and allowed him to show us when he was ready to engage with us.

We’re not gonna lie…we used LOTS of hot dogs to sugar coat our good intentions and we’re thrilled to say that it’s working. He’s paid us back tenfold and his gentle, quiet spirit is slowing starting to immerge. It’s time to continue his journey and find some good people to call his own.

Alfie’s best fit will be with one or two adults, preferably with dog experience but honestly, having an open, patient and understanding heart is top of the list of what he needs. He’ll love to learn all about the good things life has to offer through your eyes and we just know he’ll repay you with love, loyalty and tumbleweeds (c’mon…we all know about the immense shedding of a Shepherd, amirite??) Alfie is also dog social and may enjoy a friendly, canine companion.

Alfie loves to take walks with you. He is so good on lead (not a puller) and walks like a dream. Adventures are gonna be fun with this boy. He is smart as a whip, loves to learn and will probably teach you a thing or two. We will also provide any post-adoption training support that’s needed. This sweet boy may have had a sad past but we are confident that his future is bright and full of happiness and love.

Interested in adopting? Great! You are welcome to visit the RISPCA, fill out an application or email us at  adoption@rispca.com with any questions. Thank-you!